Embracing the Incomplete

I wouldn’t have even started this blog if I hadn’t come to terms with the fact that this blog might never consist of anything more than three partially written posts that aren’t properly edited. Instead of going for the “all or nothing” approach, I’m taking the “something is better than nothing” mindset. It is transitioning from the former to the latter approach that greatly improved my dental hygiene, introducing me to the wonderful world of flossing, albeit quite gradually. I need to remember that this strategy works for me and apply it to other areas of my life. So for now, I’m quite pleased to apply it to the world of writing.

I think that is sufficient for my first post. I wanted to at least make sure my introduction came to a proper close. As for further posts, I offer no guarantees…either that they will come to a proper close, or that there will even be further posts. And one day, I might adjust the appearance of my page to something other than the default, but we’ll see. Let’s not get too ambitious.

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